Strategic Plan

2017-2020 Strategic Plan

On behalf of the Hockey Victoria (HV) Board & Staff I have great delight in launching our Strategic Plan for 2017-2020.  After a 6-month review and consultation with our clubs, Associations, State Government, Hockey Australia and partners we are excited to declare our ambitions as a sport for the next four years.

As many of our stakeholders will be aware throughout the 2012-2016 Strategic Plan HVs two major focus areas were growth and sustainability of clubs. During the same time HV have pursued excellence in inclusion and the development of junior talent through our talent player programs. Furthermore, we have adopted an all of sport approach to our competition management at Premier League level by commencing the delivery of more robust League Entry Criteria (LEC) participation standards.

All of the above initiatives have enabled the sport and organisation to grow during the past four years. There are currently 22,300 registered participants in Victoria and this is a 4,300 participant increase on the participation levels state-wide at the end of 2012. HV aggressively pursued our share of the participation market in schools and challenged our clubs to engage in recruitment, retention and good governance initiatives.  As a result, we now have a clear view of our hockey community’s capability and capacity over the next four years.

It is incredibly important that we focus on consolidation of several our programs and initiatives in which we have introduced in the past four years. In addition to this, we must be bold and innovative to attract new participants and revenue into our sport to support the traditional game. We must provide the wider community with easy access points to our sport which are attractive, affordable and break down traditional barriers associated with playing hockey.

Within the document, we have identified a set of goals and how we will work towards achieving these goals over the next four years. These high-level goals will be achieved through our ongoing partnerships with the Victorian State Government, Hockey Australia, VicHealth, our program partners and sponsors and our passionate hockey clubs and Associations who work around the clock to make our sport so great.

I encourage everyone to do your bit in making our sport great over the next four years.

Kind Regards

Andrew Skillern
Chief Executive Officer
Hockey Victoria

Click here to view the 2017-2020 Strategic Plan.

2013 – 2016 Strategic Plan

Dear Hockey Victoria Affiliates & Stakeholders,
On behalf of the Board and management of Hockey Victoria, we are proud and excited to release Hockey Victoria’s new Strategic Plan 2013-2016 which outlines the organisations strategic objectives and projected outcomes over the next three and a half years.
Every aspect of our strategic plan is directed at Growing Our Game. By the end of 2016, Hockey Victoria will have:
• Increased the number of people playing hockey by 40% to 25,000;
• Introduced our sport to over 150,000 school aged children through Hookin2Hockey and school clinic programs;
• Invested 15,000 hours working directly with our Clubs & Associations in increasing the number of accredited coaches and umpires by 25%; and
• Achieved recognition by our stakeholders as a leader in fostering safe, welcoming and inclusive hockey environments.
Growing our game in every aspect will result in success for everyone involved in Victorian Hockey.
Our vision is to be the safe, welcoming and inclusive community sport of choice for all Victorians and the Board and management are committed to building on the excellent work achieved through innovative programs such as Fair go, sport! and our women and girls VicHealth project where we are increasing the development opportunities for all women and girls in our sport. We are now in a position to extend the learning’s from these programs to ensure that we are also providing participation and development opportunities for people with a disability and culturally and linguistically diverse communities.
A key goal of our Strategic Plan 2013-2016 is to develop and implement innovative and exciting competitions and events that both accommodate the needs of our current participants and encourage participation growth. We will be diversifying our revenue streams and managing our costs to improve the financial sustainability of Hockey Victoria and our Clubs & Associations, developing and implementing innovative and proactive communication strategies to promote Hockey Victoria and hockey in Victoria, and we will also be providing leadership and advocacy to assist Clubs & Associations with facility improvement plans to meet the future needs of increased participation.
As a sport we have received great recognition from our important Governmental stakeholders over the past few years for the way in which we have all attacked our programs and initiatives, the outstanding results we have achieved in National competitions, and the way our whole hockey community has supported our events, such as the 2012 Men’s Champions Trophy, Country Championships, Masters Championships and Junior State Championships.
It is an exciting time for hockey in this state, as we get the opportunity to capitalise on the investment in all our programs, whilst other sports experience challenges that have been exposed in recent times.
The Board and management of Hockey Victoria thank the entire hockey community for supporting the changes that have been implemented. Change is difficult to manage particularly within a volunteer network, and we acknowledge the hard work and patience of everyone regarding the implementation of the HockeyNet IMG-STG system, the new competition structures, enhancements to the high performance pathways, and of course the influx of new participants from our development programs.

The Hockey Victoria Strategic Plan 2013-2016 is available for download from the Hockey Victoria website and a printed copy will be distributed to all Hockey Victoria affiliated Clubs & Associations and key stakeholders in the next week.

Download the Hockey Victoria Strategic Plan 2013-2016.

We look forward to working closely with all of our affiliates and stakeholders to ensure that the outcomes contained in the Strategic Plan 2013-2016 are achieved.

Yours sincerely,

Rob Dalton   Ben Hartung
Chairman   Chief Executive Officer
Hockey Victoria   Hockey Victoria