Seeing is Believing


The Seeing is Believing campaign showcases the profiles of female role models within the Victorian Hockey Community who are transferring their every day skills to make a positive difference in the sport they love. Successfully performing in roles across Coaching, Umpiring and Administration they demonstrate the pathways available to women and girls, the benefits of diversity and having females involved in leadership and decision making and encourage women and girls to recognise the value they can contribute to our sport and the importance of having women involved in the sport.

“Most of what I have learnt has been from bad experiences with coaches and understanding what not to do”.

Premier League Coach Trudy Hairs shares her pathway from coaching juniors, to coaching Premier League hockey in this video.

“I hope that the strategies that we have developed will help create an inclusive and gender equitable hockey community where females and males are treated with respect and have equal opportunities, decision-making power and responsibilities regardless of their gender”.

Hockey Victoria’s Strategic Projects General Manager, Suzanne Henderson shares her view on the importance gender equality has on the sporting landscape in this video.

“My husband and my family have been really supportive in encouraging me to pursue my passion for hockey in Victoria”.

Victorian Institute of Sport Head Women’s Hockey Coach, Stacia Strain, tells us about her biggest supporters throughout her journey in this video.

“Dip your toe in even if you feel you don’t know enough. If you’ve played a team sport at any level you’ll know what inspired you and what made you feel horrible. That’s the essence of it”.

Premier League Coach Trudy Hairs shares her advice to young female athletes interested in coaching in this video.
“I want to see more females involved on boards, as participants, coaches, club administrators & officials. I hope the strategies we’re putting together, help grow the sport & enable them these opportunities”.

Hockey Victoria’s Strategic Projects General Manager, Suzanne Henderson shares the legacy she hopes to leave at Hockey Victoria in this video.

“People will forget the number of games you’ve played or the number of teams you’ve made, but they’ll never forget the way that you’ve made them feel”.

Victorian Institute of Sport Head Women’s Hockey Coach, Stacia Strain shares the life skills she has learnt as a coach in this video.

“There is a lack of understanding in the community for the role of an umpire coach. When we are at games, we are often not respected when performing our role and face adversity from the community when we coach or have to protect our umpires”.

Umpire Coach – Keeley O’Reilly shares her experience on her inspiring journey to becoming an umpire coach in this video.

“We need to bring as many different perspectives to the table as we can, to ensure that our decisions are in the best interests of the people we represent”.

Chair of Hockey Victoria’s Risk & Governance, Tracey Drake, shares her thoughts on the importance of diversity on boards in this video.

“Abuse, it’s awful that it happens, but it is a part of umpiring unfortunately”.

FIH International Umpire – Rhiannon Murrie, shares her advice to young umpires on how to face and overcome challengers in this video.

“It is never too early to start developing your skills, and having to critically analysis someone else’s game often helps you gain a better understanding of your own umpiring”.

Umpire Coach – Keeley O’Reilly shares her advice to Girls’ who are thinking about getting involved in this video.

“I understand hockey as a player, administrator and coach, with an appreciation for the challenges at grassroots and elite levels”.

Chair of Hockey Victoria’s Risk & Governance, Tracey Drake, shares the transferrable technical and speaking skills that she’s brought to the Hockey Victoria Board in this video.

“Many of my closest friends I have made through umpiring and it’s so much fun! It’s such a great way to be part of the game – it’s exciting and you learn so much about the game and about yourself”.

FIH International Umpire – Rhiannon Murrie, shares what it means to her to be an umpire, the relationships she has formed and the support she has received in this video.

“I’ve been a member of SUHC for many years, as a player, coach, and women’s section committee member. When the role of President was vacant at the beginning of 2018, I was persuaded to put my hand up for the position and when I did I had plenty of support from friend’s, family and committee members.”

Southern United HC 2019 President, Caitlin Campbell, shares her journey to becoming President of Southern United Hockey Club, and speaks about how you can get a Club Adminstration pathway at your Club. Watch the video here. 

“I’d encourage any female that is interested in becoming a Board member to start their involvement at club level because this really helps to understand the sport at a grass roots level, and will ensure exposure to a range of different roles and tasks that will provide good experience, eg writing policies, involvement in integrity or member protection issues, acting as treasurer or secretary.” 

Hockey Victoria board member, Ellen Williamson, details her pathway to becoming a board member and talks about how you can get involved in similar roles at your hockey club. Watch the video here.