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Hockey Victoria has a proud history as a competitive and championship winning state in Australia. We are a passionate state that adhere to our four core values of Excellence, Respect, Teamwork, and Humility. We believe in supporting each and every athlete that comes through our system, and aim to provide them with the skills needed to gain success at the highest level.

If you require any more information about our State Teams or the High Performance Pathway for our athletes, then please don’t hesitate to contact us, else you can select the appropriate image link below for more details.

Outdoor State Team Information

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  Excellence. Respect. Teamwork. Humility.  
  More than just a hockey player.  
Frequently Asked Questions
How does my child get involved in Hockey Victoria’s High Performance Pathway?

Athletes that are new to the High Performance Pathway at Hockey Victoria should attend Draft Camp in order to be identified by an Athlete Identification Officer (AIO), from there they can be selected into our Academy Program. The next step for the athlete is to progress through the Final Player Assessment phases (1 & 2) to ultimately gain State Team Selection. If the athlete is unsuccessful at Draft Camp, meaning they were not apart of the Academy Program, then they would need to attend an Elite Skill Development Day for a chance at a spot at Final Player Assessment 1.

How do Athletes gain selection into the Hockey Victoria Academy?

Athletes gain selection either via auto entry from being a member of the previous years State Team or have gained selection through Draft Camp. These are the only two ways to gain selection into the Academy.

Do all Athletes have to nominate for State Team selection, what if they are already in the Academy or attend an Elite Skill Development Day?

Yes. All athletes, no matter what, must nominate if they want to be considered for state selection. The nomination fee is $44.

How many players are selected into the Hockey Victoria Academy?

As a general rule, 44 field players and 6 goalkeepers gain selection into each Academy, meaning a total of a 100 across each age group, boys and girls combined. The number of spots available can change each year due to how many auto entry athletes there are, there are approximately 30 spots available from Draft Camp.

What are Final Player Assessments and who attends these assessment days?

Final Player Assessments are the final phase of the state team selection process. All Academy athletes are guaranteed a spot at Final Player Assessment 1, but must still nominate for their relevant state team. From here they will need to be selected if they are to progress through to Final Player Assessment 2, after which the state teams are named.

How much does the Academy Program cost per athlete?

The Academy is $545 which is invoiced and to be paid before the commencement of the program. There are payment plan options available that the finance team will help with.

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