Officials Rosters


Registrations are open for HV Officials. If you wish to be rostered by HV onto matches as an umpire or technical official you will need to register. it is important that you complete this registration. Please read the information below about registering as an official.



By registering as a HV Official you will be able to:

1) Provide availability to be rostered as a HV umpire to Junior & Senior fixtures.
2) Provide availability to be rostered as a HV technical official to PL and VL1 matches.
3) Be coached by one of the 10 HV umpire coaches.

Please visit here if you wish to register.

In 2020 all Umpire Allocations for HV competitions are being completed through a two step process.

All registered umpires will receive access to a Jot form each week. Umpires will need to log into Jot form to update their availability . It is important that umpires update their availability so they can be allocated to matches.

Please remember to fill in the Jot form Availability each week to be allocated to games. We will close off the Jot form nomination 3 weeks before the round. This will allow us to map out a three week advancement on the rosters, so you can plan hockey around the rest of your life.

We have looked at the system of availability, but have recognised in the past that it doesn’t always correlate to what we put in at the start of the year.

Updating Your Availability
All Umpires can amend their availability using the Jot form link below. It is important that you check that your current availability settings are correct. Please remember to fill out the correct Jot form according to the week you are nominating for.

Technical Problems
For all enquiries please contact HV Office on

Please see here for information regarding the 2020 season

ALL Senior competitions will be run in the Quarter Format… (17 minute quarters, 2 min break at ¼ and ¾ time and 5 minutes at half time.)

Midweek competitions will not run quarters in 2020

Masters Finals Umpires 2020 : Availability   :   Roster  (TBC)

If there are any issues, please let me know.

Adverse weather Information

Shoot Out Information Package

Shoot Out Cheat Sheet (unofficial)

Shootout Guide for umpires

(If you can fill any gaps please email


For entering Best and Fairest votes please follow the below links:

Premier League votes (disabled for 2019)

Vic League one votes (disabled for 2019)

U16 Shield votes (disabled for 2019)

While we go into every game with the hope we will not need the assistance of the disciplinary committee, we are sometimes forced to.

If you have need of filling a disciplinary report, please follow the below link.


The AGSV and APS have requested that all Umpires on the Schools Firsts Panel fill in the following details:

Statement by Supplier

Umpire Employment Authority

You will need to Fill in both forms and return them to HV.

Teams are moving towards a more electronic means of payment. This will require you to fill these forms in and return them to us, before you are rostered to ANY School Games

Invitations to join the Schools Umpire Panel will be sent out shortly (To be Advised)

Our State Level Competitions are a great way to get involved in experiencing the game from a tournament perspective. Many Officials who have attended these events in the past have gone on to officiate our top level competitions, national championships and even FIH Appointments.

Many people have made friends, or developed their skill set, through these opportunities.

Our current Calendar for the events are now Open

Junior Country Championships – TBA

Senior Country Championships – TBA

Junior State Championships – TBA

Positions available:

All Umpires please register your availability here (disabled)

For further information regarding State Level Competitions please email:

Please find upcoming courses here: 


Please find the current 2020 Umpire Workshop and briefing here. (link up soon)

If you are being paid by Hockey Victoria to fulfill a role as part of your hobby, then you need to fill in the following forms and return them to

Statement by Supplier

Bank Details submission form

Hockey Victoria is a not-for -profit state sporting organisation, who heavily rely on its volunteer network.

In a majority of circumstances, your officiating payment is tax free.

For officiating payments from Hockey Victoria (HV) we require a Statement by Supplier form which can be submitted to HV, via


Umpire payments will be linked to the competition level .

Competitions Finals will incur an increase in payment as outlined on page 10 of the following Document.

Competition Level

20120 Payment


$70.00 (Finals $75)

VL1R & VL2 – PA

$55.00 (Finals $60)

VL2R & VL3/R

$45.00 (Finals $50)

U16 Shield & Pennant

U14 Shield & Pennant

$35.00(Finals $40)

U18 District

$35.00(Finals $40)


$30.00 (Finals $35)

  Note: It is not a Hockey Victoria requirement to pay the umpires satisfying the duties of the clubs in competitions that are not rostered by Hockey Victoria, however it is recommended a payment of $35.00 for seniors and juniors as per the table below.




Pennant B – Pennant G

$35.00 (Finals $40)

All Metro

$35.00 (Finals $40)

U14, U16 & U18 Competitions

$35.00* (Finals $40)

*Dependent on club umpire development programs

U12 Finals series that have a rostered HV Umpire/Umpires to it will require a payment of $30 to the Umpire.This will be in accordance to the same payment schedule as any other grade on who pays the umpire.





Premier and Vic League 1


per game (Finals $35)

Our indoor season for term 1 will be commencing on Feb 3 2020

MSAC ( Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Center- 30 Aughtie Dr, Albert Park)

The current roster can be found

HV will not play Quarters in weekly competitions (ALL OTHER RULES OF INDOOR APPLY)

Payments for all competitions will be:

Seniors $25 per umpire (Open,Masters and U18’s)
Juniors $20 per umpire (U16,U14,U12)

Finals will be $5 extra per umpire.

Over 60s Term one Summer Competition

Current roster can be found here

Summer Hockey has commenced and we will see 10 weeks of almost fast and not so furious competition.

Umpires rosters can be found below:

Summer Hockey Rosters

Payment for umpiring summer games is $30


Clubs championships will be announced around September/October

Indoor Club Championships Availability

Under 13

Under 15

Under 18

Open Men

Open Women