Officials Memberships

How to Become an Official

Do you like making decisions, love hockey and a little confident? Great, you’re just what we’re looking for!

Be an integral part of our sport by judging from right and wrong as an Umpire or keep count of stats as a Technical official.

Been there, done that?

Train the future generation of umpires by becoming an Umpire Coach!

Here are a few traits on what makes a good official:

  • Knows the rules and the spirit in which they need to be applied.
  • Will know how to manage the game and its participants for the enjoyment of everyone.
  • Is unbiased in all decisions, they need to make in a game.
  • Will have a high sense of fairness and good judgement.
  • Will be willing to learn and strive to be better each game.
  • Will have high self-control and have a positive attitude
  • Has fitness to the standard of the games they are officiating (Umpires)

Like what you see? We have quite a few options to choose from:

Hockey Victoria umpires are appointed to the following competitions:

  • Premier League and Premier League Reserves
  • Vic League 1 and Vic league 1 Reserves
  • Vic league 2 and Vic League 2 Reserves
  • Vic League 3
  • Pennant A
  • Junior Shield Games
  • (Other grades are appointed if venues allow)

We’re gender inclusive and are based on availability.

Clubs are allowed to appoint their own officials in case HV cannot provide a registered official to umpire a game.

It doesn’t matter whether you start local or are in this to travel international, becoming an official is not only a great alternate pathway to participate in traditional Hockey but is also a great way to give back to your community.

If you have any questions, please contact

If you have read this far, you are probably wondering how to get involved…

To be involved with HV rostered games, there is a two step process:

  1. Register with HV as an official
  2. Fill in a weekly availability form (this helps us know what you can do)

To be involved with Club Officiating:

  • Contact your clubs Officiating Coordinator, or speak to your secretary on who to contact.

To find out how to get accredited and for accreditation courses please follow this link.

Umpire pathways

For all Rosters for 2019 please follow this link.

Officiating Pathway

In the past Officiating pathways in Victoria did not seem structured in a logical manner. With the new Officiating Pathway Structure, we are hoping to revolutionise the way we think of officiating and bring greater transparency to the development opportunities for all officials.

For our Umpires and Umpire Managers our lists contain the following sections:

Umpire, Umpire Manager and Assistant Umpire manager appointments

  • National – HA – AHL, Under 21’s, 18’s (outdoor), Opens or Under 21 (indoor)
  • Promising National – HA Under 15, Under 13, Country (outdoor), or Under 18, Under 15 and Under 13 (indoor)
  • State – HV – Under 17, Under 15, Senior Country Championship and Senior State Indoor Championships.
  • Developing State – HV JSC Under 13, Junior Country Championships and Junior State Indoor Championships

Technical Officials

  • National – HA – TD/ATD for AHL, Under 21, 18 Indoor & Outdoor Championships
  • Promising National – HA –  TD/ATD Under 15, 13, County Indoor & Outdoor Championships
  • State – HV –  TD/ATD JSC Under 17, 15, SCC and Senior State Indoor Championships
  • Developing State – HV –  TD/ATD JSC Under 13, JCC and junior State Indoor Championships


  • Club – HV appointed TO/Judge appointments for Premier League & Vic League


The advantages are that all three Pathway lists (FIH, HA and HV) will link as a pathway. We will have a clear and transparent pathway that will allow Officials to set goals and track their progress. It will give a renewed purpose to the State Indoor and Outdoor officiating programs, while also giving greater opportunities for development of officials.

We will also be able to celebrate and promote achievements via social media.

We do recognise some of the disadvantages, but we are committed to minimising these as much as we can.

To be on the list you would need to satisfy most of these criteria:

  • Do you have a current HockeyEd accreditation?
  • Are you officiating at National or State Championships?
  • Do you regularly officiate at the Premier League or Vic League Level?
  • Do you have a current Hockey Victoria Officiating membership?

If you answer yes to most of these then you are probably on the list. If you are not, then please contact to discuss.

Hockey Victoria Umpires Pathway

Hockey Victoria Umpire Managers Pathway

Hockey Victoria Technical Officials Pathway

Officials Registration

Registrations are open for HV Officials. If you wish to be rostered by HV onto matches as an umpire or technical official you will need to register. it is important that you complete this registration. Please read the information below about registering as an official.



By registering as a HV Official you will be able to:

1) Provide availability to be rostered as a HV umpire to Junior & Senior fixtures.
2) Provide availability to be rostered as a HV technical official to PL and VL1 matches.
3) Be graded as an umpire to Tier 1, Tier 2 or Tier 3.
4) Be coached by one of the 10 HV umpire coaches.

Please visit here if you wish to register.

Technical Bench

Hockey Victoria is a not-for -profit state sporting organisation, who heavily rely on its volunteer network.

In a majority of circumstances, your officiating payment is tax free.

For officiating payments from Hockey Victoria (HV) we require a Statement by Supplier form which can be submitted to HV, via


Umpire payments will be linked to the competition level rather than the grading tier.

Competitions Finals will incur an increase in payment as outlined on page 10 of the following Document.

Competition Level

2019 Payment


$70.00 (Finals $75)

VL1R & VL2 – PA

$55.00 (Finals $60)

VL2R & VL3/R

$45.00 (Finals $50)

U16 Shield & Pennant

U14 Shield & Pennant

$35.00(Finals $40)

U18 District

$35.00(Finals $40)


$30.00 (Finals $35)

Note: It is not a Hockey Victoria requirement to pay the umpires satisfying the duties of the clubs in competitions that are not rostered by Hockey Victoria, however it is recommended a payment of $35.00 for seniors and juniors as per the table below.




Pennant B – Pennant G

$35.00 (Finals $40)

All Metro

$35.00 (Finals $40)

U14, U16 & U18 Competitions

$35.00* (Finals $40)

*Dependent on club umpire development programs

U12 Finals series that have a rostered HV Umpire/Umpires to it will require a payment of $30 to the Umpire.This will be in accordance to the same payment schedule as any other grade on who pays the umpire.





Premier and Vic League 1


per game (Finals $35)

Discipline Administration

While we go into every game with the hope we will not need the assistance of the disciplinary committee, we are sometimes forced to.

If you have need of filling a disciplinary report, please follow the below link.