Return to Hockey for Players

As a player it is your responsibility to take certain precautions and be sensible when returning to hockey related activities. As an organisation and community we can work together so that we can return to hockey in a safe and practical manner.
This means there are certain rules & protocols to follow, including:

  • Personal hygiene standards & wash your hands
  • Get in, train & get out – No congregation of groups in car parks
  • Do not train if you have any symptoms, been in contact with a known case or are high risk
  • Use hand sanitiser on entry to ground and after training
  • Not sharing equipment (where possible)
  • Maintain physical distancing of 1.5 metres wherever reasonably possible
  • No use of communal facilities, except for toilets
  • Take care to store your mouthguard appropriately when not in use and don’t rinse it in public if possible; don’t share sticks, clothing, towels etc
  • Bring your full water bottle to training with your name clearly visible on the bottle. Participants must not share water bottles. Water fountains may be available at your venue; however, usage is discouraged unless essential.

Please contact HV to discuss any queries via email