HV continues to open access to all abilities at SSS Carnival

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On Wednesday 11th of September, Hockey Victoria (HV) hosted its third annual State Specialist School Carnival at Essendon Hockey Centre.

Nineteen teams from 14 schools in the Northern State Specialist Sport Association (NSSSA), South-East State Specialist Sport Association (SSSSA) and regional Victoria (Sale Specialist School) entered teams across four divisions; A Grade mixed, B Grade mixed, A Grade Girls and the newly introduced, C Grade division. A total of 210 students were in attendance.

The competition has grown significantly since 2017 when only five schools and nine teams entered across two divisions.

During the day all teams were given the opportunity to play one another in their selected grade. In the A Grade girls division, Heatherwood School took home the trophy for the second time running. The A Grade Mixed Grand Final was again a nail biter which ended in a draw at full time. As a result Ashwood and Melton proceeded to shootouts, where Melton Specialist School took home the win. Over in the B Grade division, Concord took home the victory.  It was their first time at the State Specialist School Hockey Carnival against fellow NSSSA school, Broadmeadows Special Developmental School.

The C Grade division saw 40 students from Yarraville, Coburg and Sunshine Special Developmental Schools participate in a skill-based AAA Hockey Program designed to cater for students with complex intellectual and physical disabilities. All students expressed their enjoyment through plenty of smiles, laughter and multiple communication styles.

Congratulations to all teams, it was great to see 210 students throughout the day running around the hockey field, and competing at a level that meets their needs and ability.


Girls A Grade

Mixed A Grade

Mixed B Grade






Warringa Park






Warringa Park










During the event, HV’s Athlete Identification Officers selected the 2019-20 AA Aces State Metro Womens and Mens Hockey teams. The AA Aces State Hockey teams were introduced in 2017 as the start of a high-performance pathway for hockey players with a disability, with a long-term goal to play against other All Ability state teams from around Australia.

At present HV is the only state which has the capacity to select state teams. In 2018 and 2019 the AA Aces state teams played against the Victorian Police, VicFire and Victorian Ambulance Hockey teams at the AA Aces Emergency service day at the Knox Regional Football Centre. Hockey Victoria hope to work with Hockey Australia to establish a National All Ability Hockey pathway in the near future. In the meantime, HV will continue to select AA Aces state teams and host AA Aces State Emergency Service Days for the players.

HV would like to again congratulate the following players for being selected in one of the Victorian AA Aces State Hockey teams.

AA Aces Women’s State Team

AA Aces Men’s State Team

Stephanie (Rosamond)

Kyle (Ashwood)

Teagan (Warringa Park)

Adam (Ashwood)


Aiden (Emerson)

Heidi (Heatherwood)

Emmanual (Melton)


Blair (Melton)

Rachael (Heatherwood)

Lachlan (Heatherwood)


Kailem (Berendale)

Montana (Ashwood)

Patrick (Berendale)

HV look forward to providing more hockey opportunies for people with a disability and thank all of the school teachers and HV staff who assisted in making this day possible.