League Entry Criteria

What is the League Entry Criteria (LEC)?

League Entry Criteria (LEC) is a clear and measurable set of standards for all HV affiliates in the Premier League and Vic League structure. The standards are separated into “On Field” and “Off Field” standards. The “On Field” standards directly relate to regular season performance of a team that may be vying to gain or retain PL status. The “Off Field” standards relate to Club Management and Participation.

The Club Management standards are designed to drive sustainable practices in relation to affiliates’ governance. On the other hand, the Participation standards relate to an affiliate’s ability to attract, develop and retain future top tier players, while remaining relevant to the local community by providing entry level participation options.

Further, the LEC is intended to drive a clear synergy between the ongoing work undertaken by both the Hockey Victoria and the affiliates, across multiple areas.

Click here to access the 2020 League Entry Criteria Full Documentation

Checklists and Resources

Governance Standards Checklist 

Facilities Standards Checklist