Inclusive Clubs

What is a welcoming and inclusive club? 

A welcoming and inclusive club is a club where everyone is made to feel welcome, regardless of their ability, background or personal attributes. A welcoming and inclusive sporting club is a safe and friendly place which is free of harassment and discrimination.

Why should your club become an inclusive club?

Being seen as a welcoming and inclusive organisation promotes your club in a positive light and makes it more appealing to potential participants, volunteers, sponsors and other supporters.

What are the potential benefits of being an inclusive club?

–          Help attract and retain members and volunteers to the club

–          Financial benefits

–           A greater awareness of your club and its achievements within the local community.

–          Greater pool of volunteers

–          A welcoming club environment with no one feeling unwanted or discriminated against.

–          Increased skills and abilities within the club.

–          Improved image within the community

–          An ability to make a positive contribution to the overall health and well-being of the community.

–          Greater recognition with councils, media and possible sponsors.

–          A more diverse membership

–          Enables more people to be involved in Hockey.

For more information on inclusive clubs, please contact Micheala Cook – Inclusion Manager

Hockey Victoria has taken the initiative of creating signs to remind every one of the reason in which we play hockey and a reminder of the code of behaviour that all players, parents, coaches, officials and spectators agree too.

If your club would like a copy of this poster please contact Michaela Cook