HV to offer further Midweek Competitions in 2020

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On the back of the La Trobe University Competition Restructure Project delivered last year, HV management have conducted a series of consultation sessions over the last month relating to how we deliver midweek playing opportunities. Following careful consideration of several options, Hockey Victoria will be slightly modifying the midweek competition offerings in 2020 that will still cater for the current Masters community and will also allow players under the age of 35 to access hockey midweek. This will assist us collectively in ensuring that our sport continues to provide opportunities for players of all ages (both in terms of recruitment and retention) to access our sport and maximise the use of facilities.

The changes will also ensure that our female hockey community gets equal access to playing opportunities as their male counterparts.

The biggest change will see the 35+ Mens Competition evolving into graded Open Mens competition from 2020. We hope that over time, as the Open Mens competition grows, we can have both 35+ and Open Mens competitions. Womens 45+ competition will be offered and may go ahead depending on the interest. All midweek competitions will have 8 teams (wherever possible) that will play 4 weeks of grading matches before being regraded (if needed) and playing in a 14 week home and away season. This modification has been primarily introduced to address the feedback that the Masters competitions need a better grading system. The season will culminate in a 3 week finals series.

Below is the summary of the midweek competition offerings in 2020:


  • Open Mens
  • Open Womens
  • 45+ Men


  • 35+ Womens
  • 45+ Womens
  • 50+ Men
  • 60+ Men

Hockey Victoria are currently reviewing the Rules and Regulations to aid in the introduction of the Open competitions. The 2020 Rules & Regulations are scheduled to be released in early March 2020.

We anticipate the introduction of an additional Competition Section that the Open midweek competitions would sit within, thus allowing for simpler player eligibility and provide the flexibility for players to participate at separate clubs for Masters and Open competitions, as well as in Senior competition on weekends.

Competition format

  • All Open and Masters matches will be 2 x 25 min halves & 5-minute half time.
  • The Open Age and Masters season will be a 14-week season with a 4 week grading period (total 18 weeks) + 3 weeks of finals. Please note the points from the grading period will be carried over to the regular 14-week season.
  • Grades to be a maximum of 8 teams wherever possible.
  • Competitions below A Grade, both Masters and Open Age, will be regionalised wherever possible to minimise travel.

Open Age Competition Gradings 

  • The 4 weeks of grading matches will be used to manage and re-grade any teams to assist in ensuring all Open Age competitions are as even as possible given that it’s a brand new competition.
  • To assist clubs in deciding the most appropriate grade to enter your teams in, HV recommends using the following guidelines:
    • A Grade Open Age – Pennant A and above standard
    • B Grade Open Age – Pennant B – D standard
    • C Grade Open Age – Pennant D – G standard
    • D Grade Open Age- Metro competitions standard
  • At the A grade level, it is considered that some travel is acceptable to ensure the highest level of competition.
  • As with all competitions HV will utilise mutual venues to minimise excess travel as venue availability allows.

Players interested in entering teams into the above competitions should contact their club section coordinator in the first instance.

Not sure who your local club is?

Click here for a full list & contact details of clubs.

Alternatively, feel free to fill out an enquiry form. 

Clubs with any queries in relation to the new offerings should contact Head of Competitions David Bourke dbourke@hockeyvictoria.org.au