Hockey Victoria Academy

Hockey Victoria Academy Information & Selection Criteria

What is the Hockey Victoria Academy?

The Hockey Victoria Academy program is run by the High Performance Department and involves intensive skill based training, modified games, full field match play, fitness testing and a range of educational videos for online learning. Approximately 300 athletes will gain selection in the Academy over the three age groups. There have been some exciting changes made to the way the Academy will be structured, with a move to now run three separate Academies, U13, U15 and U18.  These Academies will be structured so they lead into National Tournament with various check points along the way i.e. State Trials, State Selection and State Training.

Each of the Academies will consist of the following

  • Fitness Testing to gauge where you sit in relation to other athletes within your age group.
  • Functional Movement Screening (identifying physiological strengths and weaknesses).
  • Intensive skills sessions and match play days to complete against the best hockey players in the state for your age group.
  • Access to our online learning platform with regular updates on skills and techniques of the modern game.
  • Video feedback summary from the Academy Program sent out prior to the 1st Final Player Assessment highlighting key performance indicators.
  • All Academy Members are guaranteed a spot at the 1st Final Player Assessment phase of the state team selection process.  Reminder that all athletes, including Academy Members must nominate online to be considered for state selection.  To nominate CLICK HERE

Why will there be three different Academies?

We have considered when the National Tournaments and a range of other events will take place in the next 12 months and decided that splitting the Academy into the three different age groups allows for better specificity in terms of the timing of the programs and the content to be covered, as well as providing the athletes with the opportunity to train with their peers in more appropriate groups. It should be noted that the three Academies will run at varied times within the year that we feel will best benefit the Athlete’s leading into National Tournament.

What time of the year will my age group’s Academy run?

Varied times throughout the year depending on when the National Tournament for the age group is scheduled.

What are the benefits of centralising the Academy?

Do the Goalkeepers attend all the weekly skills sessions?

Goalkeepers will attend all weekly skills sessions with field players unless told otherwise.

How does being in the Hockey Victoria Academy allow me to be seen by the Athlete Identification Officers (AIOs)?

The Match Play sessions on Sundays are one of the events that our Athlete Identification Officers attend to assess players. They also attend events such as, Elite Skill Development Days, Junior State Championships and Junior Country Championships.

How do I get selected into the U13 Academy?

How do I get selected into the U15 Academy?

How do I get selected into the U18 Academy?

Hockey Victoria High Performance Pathway – HV HP Pathway Flowcharts.pdf


Hockey Victoria Draft Camp Information

What is Draft Camp?

Draft Camp is a two-day program which combines intensive skill development in small groups, modified games and full field match play. It provides athletes with the opportunity to not only improve as a hockey player, but to be identified by Athlete Identification Officers and the High Performance coaches for selection into the Academy.

NOTE: Draft Camp is the only entry point into the Academy if you have not gained automatic entry through selection in the relevant State Teams.

How do I register for Draft Camp?

Information and a link to registration will be available on the website and through social media channels once dates for the event are locked in.

For more detailed information about Draft Camp please click here

Please note that the links to register will not appear on the website until dates have been approved. Be sure to register early as Draft Camp has sold out well before the closing date in previous years. A list of athletes that were successful in gaining entry to the Academy will be placed on the Hockey Victoria website within approximately 3-5 business days of their Draft Camp concluding and successful applicants will receive an email with further information.

To read the Academy Player Agreement, please use the following link: Hockey Victoria Academy Player Agreement.pdf