Goalkeeping Development

Goalkeeper Development Program Information

Hockey Victoria Goalkeeper Development Program

The Hockey Victoria High Performance Team are looking at running Goalkeeper Development Programs throughout the year which are targeted at Goalkeepers aged 12 to 18 that have played at the zone level or higher.

Each session throughout the program will be approximately 1.5 hours with a similar focus to each of the sessions in the aim to develop the correct techniques in order to maximise the improvement of goalkeeping fundamentals. Please note, these sessions are not a requirement for selection, they are purely designed for goalkeeper development.

Each session will have a limit of 20 participants. Goalkeepers will be split into groups with a maximum of 5 per group. These groups will be selected based on age and previous playing experience.

Groups will be coached by a number of our Hockey Victoria Academy Goalkeeper Coaches, Emerging Vikings and Vipers Goalkeeper Coaches. Many of these coaches are current or former Victorian representatives at U21 or AHL level and have coached in numerous Hockey Victoria High Performance programs.

Goalkeepers may be involved in a number of the following drills:

Aerial saves
Kicking drills
Footwork and movement
Close range saves
Diving and sliding
Defending penalty corners
Reaction and speed




If you have any further queries please feel free to contact either Phil Burrows (pburrows@hockeyvictoria.org.au) or Lachlan Anderson (landerson@hockeyvictoria.org.au).