General Information

Emerging Program Information

The Victorian Futures program was developed in 2012 in line with Hockey Australia’s Athlete Categorization Framework for athletes that are in the U18 and U21 age groups that haven’t been selected in the VIS. The aim of the program is to prepare and push the athletes towards high level state teams, VIS Scholarships and National Squads.

In 2015, to avoid confusion with the National Futures Program, these squads have been renamed The Emerging Program.

The intake of athletes are selected on the back of strong performances in their respective State U18 and U21 teams by State coaches, selectors and  VIS coaches, as well as from observations at Premier League Games.

The program offers athletes exposure to a high quality and competitive training environment in which they will be acquiring and mastering technical skills, including advanced skills identified through the latest international tournaments. Another major focus of the program is game awareness and decision making which is being fostered through the use of small modified games and full field matches against Premier League club teams and the VIS Squads.

As well as the hockey side of it, the athletes will be involved in a series of fitness tests and provided with a Strength and Conditioning program to carry out remotely under the guidance of the trainees at the VIS.

The Program runs from November through to late January. Coaching will be held at the SNHC in intensive blocks led by Hockey Victoria’s Athlete & Coach Development Coordinators, along with specialist coaching staff and assistance from the VIS coaches when available. Expert Goal Keeper coaches are also involved in the program to ensure development specific to current GK requirements in National programs.

Selection into the program is by invitation only and squads will be named in August.