Elite Skill Development Day

Elite Skill Development Day Information

The Elite Skill Development Day provide athletes who have played at zone level or higher with the opportunity to participate in intensive and specific skill training in small group environments. Groups will be coached by current State and Victorian Institute of Sport Coaches and Athletes, a number of whom are coaches in the Hockey Victoria Academy program.

We encourage all athletes that have played at zone level or higher to attend these days. They provide a great opportunity to train with athletes of a similar age and ability whilst offering exposure to some great coaches and an opportunity to be viewed by our Athlete Identification Officers (AIOs).

The Elite Skill Development Days are run throughout the year and in conjunction with school holidays as well as leading into The Final Player Assessment Days.

On each day there are a combination of skills sessions, modified games and full field match play. Throughout the day there are breaks for players to refuel with drink and snacks. Players are required to bring their own food and drinks for these days.

Please note that the Elite Skill Development Days are also an opportunity for Athletes to gain selection to the Final Player Assessment stage for the State Team selection process.  Some Athletes who attend these days are not necessarily there to gain selection to the Final Player Assessment stage but are their to get some further personal development.  If you aren’t wanting to be assessed for the possibility to gain selection to the Final Player Assessment stage, please inform the coaches on the day.

Please see the below example of a program (please remember that programs change from block to block with different skills & coaches).


Example of an Elite Skill Development Day Program

Passing Exercise Passing Exercise
Receiving Goal Scoring
Goal Shooting Defending Skills
Elimination Skills/Defending Advanced Receiving
Game Awareness Game Awareness
Match Play Match Play

Upcoming Elite Skill Development Day

U13 Boys and Girls: 2020

U15 Boys and Girls: Tuesday 28th January 2020 – REGISTER HERE

U18 Boys and Girls: Saturday 1st February 2020 – REGISTER HERE

**Please note you must register for your specific age group**

Which age group do I belong to, U13, U15 or U18? 

You must be of age or below on the 31st December of the year the National Tournament takes place.

Click here to work out which age group you belong to.

Upcoming Tournaments

U13 National Tournament: 2020 (TBC)

U15 National Tournament: 17th – 23rd April 2020 (Bathurst, NSW)

U18 National Tournament: 16th – 24th April 2020 (Launceston, TAS)


Those Athletes that would like feedback from the day can do so by request only.  We ask that your request is done within 10 days post the event.