Umpire Coaching

An integral component of umpire development is to ensure that they are guided and mentored by the best in the business. Hockey Victoria is known for producing some of the best umpires in the country and that can be attributed to our states ability to educate and teach our upcoming officiating stars.

The Umpire Coach Accreditation provides current umpires with the skills and knowledge to coach and guide progressing umpires through their career. Umpire Coaching is a rewarding process where in which individuals can be actively involved in the progression of an upcoming official as well as provide people with an opportunity to give back to their community.

The Umpire Coaching program is run under the guidance of, HockeyEd Australia’s accreditation program. These programs are open to those candidates who can be assessed within both the Australian hockey environment and, if necessary, overseas. For more detailed information, click on the links above.