Technical Official

Technical officiating is a unique way to be involved in the game of hockey. The ultimate goal of a Technical Official is to ensure that games, tournaments and competitions run smoothly and enable all participants to enjoy the game.

Even if you have not played hockey before or you only know of someone who plays, Technical Officiating allows for all members to be active in contributing to the game of hockey.

Hockey Victorias Technical Official training programs operates within Hockey Australia and the Australian Sports Commission’s National Officiating Accreditation Scheme (NOAS).

The Technical Official training program encorporates educational workshops, game-day training and resources to allow for the adeqaute development of officials. Hockey Victoria endeavours to ensure that there is constant professional development for all accredited members.

Hockey Victoria along with Hockey Australia, recognises that quality officiating has a significant influence upon players and their hockey experience, hence the recommendation for all officials to be accredited at an appropriate level.