East Gippsland Hockey Association – round wrap

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Last weekend, junior competitions returned at East Gippsland Hockey Association amongst four age divisions. 

See below for the full round wrap up:

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With junior competition beginning on July 25th, the opening weekend ran smoothly without complications. Orbost Hockey Club did pull out late in the week, and their upcoming game was moved to a bye – which still allowed competition to proceed efficiently.

The opening round saw good weather early, with a little drop in temperature to the tail end of the day, but it was great to see the kids out playing. Four grades opened the season – Under 11’s, 13’s, 15’s, and 18’s.

With Orbost HC now out, Sale had the bye for the opening round. Maffra took on Wellington across all grades at the Gippsland Regional Sports Complex (GRSC) in Sale, while Swan Reach played Nagle in Swan Reach. Given the issues around starting the season, Bairnsdale and Nagle have joined together for this season.

The Under 11’s are not officially scored post-match, however, the kids like to keep track of scores during the game.

In the Under 13’s, Wellington defeated Maffra 4-3, and Swan Reach defeated Nagle 4-0.

In the Under 15’s, Maffra defeated Wellington 3-0, while Swan Reach defeated Nagle 10-0.

Lastly, in the U18’s, Wellington defeated Maffra 3-2, while Swan Reach defeated Nagle 9-1.

With the new COVID-19 guidelines in place, the EGHA is abiding by the protocols. Being at the Swan Reach venue, the home team was on one side of the ground, and the away team on the other. Only one person looked at the team sheet at one time, to allow for team managers, umpires, etc – to check off the game statistics and players safely.

Everyone is just enjoying the fact that they can play hockey again. With the delay to the season, the kids who were playing looked so happy to be out there.

At EGHA, hockey is mostly played on grass surfaces, but the GRSC does have a turf pitch, which recently came into operation last year. With Sale, Maffra and Wellington all playing on the turf field at GRSC, its great that all clubs get variety when travelling in and out to the venue.

Photos courtesy of Wellington Hockey Club Facebook