HC Melbourne Squad

HC Melbourne Men & Women


Players will be observed throughout the Premier League season.  Squads will be announced on the HV Website.


Players with known conflicting commitments including overseas commitments, other sports, and holidays are to put this in writing to landerson@hockeyvictoria.org.au prior to the nominations closing.


This policy will be in place for the selection of Mens & Womens HC Melbourne Teams.

HC Melbourne Selection Panel

To be made up of the following:

  1. Head Coach
  2. Assistant Coaches
  3. VIS Head Coach
  4. Chairman of Selectors – as appointed by HV High Performance Selection Panel and ratified by the CEO
  5. HV Appointed selectors to attend Premier League Matches (up to 8 individuals)
  6. HV appointed GK selector. (for GK selection input only) – not required for selection of squad

HC Melbourne Selection Format

  • Players will nominate via the online system, indicating their intent to be available for selection in the HC Melbourne for the current year.
  • A list will be formulated by State Teams Coordinator of all nominated players which will include the club and grade they play in the local competition, with relevant fixtures.
  • HV High Performance department will liaise with members of the selection panel as to their availability to attend designated Premier League/Reserves and Vic League matches and assess players with the view to compiling a list invited to be part of an initial squad. The expectation would be that selectors are available to attend at least 10 matches.
  • The selection panel will meet as a group to compile the squad list. This meeting will be attended by a representative of the HV High Performance Department.
  • The squad list may contain up to 30 players including GKs.
  • The GK selector will be required for all trails post squad selection, and is encouraged to attend matches and formulate notes in the assessment period.
  • If a player is unable to be viewed during the selection period prior to squad selection due to location, video evidence will be admissible and may be used by selectors.
  • The selected squad is to be ratified and approved by the CEO before publishing on the HV website.

Final Team Selection

HC Melbourne Coaches would nominate dates where the squad cuts would be made. (Up to three cuts which includes final naming of the team)

When squad cuts are made the selection panel must include the following:

  1. Head Coach
  2. Assistant Coaches
  3. VIS Head Coach
  4. Chairman of Selectors – as appointed by HV High Performance Selection Panel
  5. HV appointed GK selector. (for GK selection input only)
  6. Two HV appointed selectors from initial process

The Chairman of Selectors will chair the selection meetings for all squad cuts.

In a deadlock situation the final decision will be made by a vote of all on the selection panel, in the event of tied numbers the chairman of selectors has the final say.

The Goal Keeper selector will only have input into the selection of Goal Keepers.

The HV High Performance Manager or HV State Team Coordinator or a designated representative will sit in on all final team selections to oversee the process, but will have no input into team selection. Their job is to ensure all procedures have been followed correctly and that all members of the panel complete and sign off on the team sheet.

The selected final team must be ratified by the CEO before publishing. The CEO has 48 hours to make inquiries of the selection panel members.

There will be no feedback provided for non selected players.

Non selected players, after final cuts are made, may be given the option to play for other States if the possibility exists. HV must approach the Head Coach before passing on names or contacting players.

Selection Criteria

The following will form part of the selection criteria:

  • Past playing record
  • Current form and performance
  • Physical qualities – achievement of required standards
  • Technical skills
  • Set play skills
  • Flexibility/Versatility
  • Team Orientation
  • Psycho-social perspective
  • Potential to progress in above areas

For any further information or clarification please contact Lachlan Anderson at landerson@hockeyvictoria.org.au